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Friday May 24th 2019

7-Day Forecast

The Citizen brings you up-to-the-minute weather information from Michael Shark.

Friday is the thirteenth, which is unlucky for some. Rain will be interspersed with bright spells just long enough to make you think it might be summer. It’s not. You’ll need to debate whether to take a coat out – you’ll be sweaty in the sunny bits or have to carry it, which’ll be a pain.

Saturday sees the weekend off to a good start with the promise of sun, but increasing cats as the day goes on. Sunday will not be much better as the precipitation becomes decidedly peppery.

Monday and Tuesday will be identical days in terms of weathers, giving lots to talk about. Chance of Sprite will be between 12% and R.

Wednesday sees a median point of the week, and indeed of the weather, as each type of weather will occur most often on this day. Additionally, the move to have two Wednesdays means strong pushes from the left.

Thursday Highs of plastic, lows of nineteen, with a light southwesterly dribble and very little chance of a cake.

Citizen Editor

The Citizen Editor lives in Citizen Towers, on the town’s luxurious Westside. Rumoured to be nearly thirty, he has claimed to be 23 for the last few years and is currently also a grotty tax-dodging student.

His hobbies involve upsetting small villages and repeatedly giving up smoking. He drinks approximately a gallon of tea every day.


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