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Wednesday July 17th 2019

Boss Advice

Dear Dave,

I need some advice about how else I should handle my Boss. I am taking a year out between my A levels and University and really need the money to help pay the tuition fees.

He keeps me behind after work to help the cleaner. It’s not in my job but he says that  the cleaner has a bad back and cannot sweep the dirt from under the desks and we should all be flexible and he always puts a little extra in my pay packet. I cant really do this in the dress code set for work. The short skirt keeps riding up and the blouse is so tight I have to loosen a couple of buttons and the time I changed into a pair of joggers and T-Shirt he ordered me to change or he would sack me.

I have confronted him but refuses to back down or compromise.



Dear Melissa,

He is the Boss and therefore should be listened to. He has not become the Boss for nothing. But if you want to earn a little more and not have to do the cleaning, then be a little nicer to him. Undo the extra button, make sure you clean right under his chair, sit on his lap and let him pat your bum, all in view of the security cameras.

Then at the weekend pop into the office, chat up the security to get a copy of the videos and next time he asks you to stay behind, email him an internet link of the video footage, and demand that he is not paying you enough.

Hurrah, a bit of bribery and everyone’s a winner!

Uncle Dave.

Uncle Dave

Dave has been snooping in others lives from an early age. Sticking his nose into others business and ensuring that his point of view is put across. This lead Uncle Dave to believe that he is experienced enough to write an agony uncle column.


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