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Thursday July 18th 2019

Dream Job Dilemma

Dear Dave,

I have a dilemma. I have been offered my Dream Job. But the location is bound to cause a problem with my family and friends.

I got temporary work in a factory in Cromwell Road, It went really well, ending up being full time . The agency put me forward for a another job, I went to the interview and got it. I will be a supervisor at Lola Cars. This is my dream to be a supervisor. All my family are St Neots born and bred, live on the same street in the Eastside of town. If they can’t get work in St Neots they won’t work and proud of it. My friends always go to Huntingdon for a fight with the other lot.

This will tear them apart. Me working in Huntingdon. I fear my parents and friends will never speak to me again, always thinking I am better then them for not wanting to work in St Neots.

Please, what should I do?

Torn, Peter.

Dear Peter,

You may feel you are in a difficult situation.

But frankly you’re not. Its your Dream Job, go for it. If they don’t like it, fuck what they think. Do your best and achieve all that you can. Then when they’re still not talking to you rub their dirty little noses in it, buy a new house on Hinchingbrook Park or Loves Farm or even closer to home – Eynesbury Manor. Vote Tory, look at them like they are something on the bottom of your shoe and change your name to Tarquin.

Uncle Dave

Dave has been snooping in others lives from an early age. Sticking his nose into others business and ensuring that his point of view is put across. This lead Uncle Dave to believe that he is experienced enough to write an agony uncle column.


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