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Monday August 19th 2019

Footbridge Back – Loves Farm Saved from Chavs

Now known as the Footbridge Complete Cock-up (FCC) plan local councillor Julie Wayward has had confirmation from Second Town Disconnect (STD) that far from being shelved the plan to separate Loves Farm residents from the rest of St Neots is set to go ahead.

STD have confirmed that a “senior manager” with little responsibility had taken it upon himself to release a statement about something they knew nothing about. Reading between the lines The Citizen believes that the statement was probably true, but STD had underestimated the reaction and has now put some poor junior in the firing line.

Reaction from the town was more varied. Self-thinking councillor Terence Dougall was incensed. “I can’t bloody believe it” he said. “I have a great idea to support local business and it falls at the first hurdle. I going to be thinking hard about it all weekend.”

However Cambridge Road resident L. Tisley, who we spoke to earlier this week, commented “Thank Christ for that. At least there’s an end in sight to my walking amongst the unwashed every morning and evening.”

SNTC plans to separate St Neots from the rest of England have been strongly denied (until Monday).


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