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Wednesday July 17th 2019

Worried About What Best Mate Will Think

Dear Dave,

I am still shagging with my ex-boyfriend Wayne. He is engaged to my best mate Shazz. This is tearing me apart  cause I am getting engaged to Terry now, Wayne’s mate.

I feel I should tell Terry and Shazz, that me and Wayne are still going at it like rabbits after a bottle of vodka in Riverside Park on Friday nights.

Now me and Terry have been engaged for well long, about 1 week, I want to stop shagging Wayne but I am easy and after the vodka I’m really easy. Wayne just keeps buying it for me.

Wot can I do, I am really worried what this will do to me and Shazza’s friendship when she finds out.

Worried, Tiff

Dear Tiff,

Don’t worry about what Shazza thinks, she’s your girlfriend and will forgive you even if you shagged her Dad, Mum or Grandad.  I am really surprised that you have not heard that Terry is shagging the arse off Shazza every Thursday out the back of One Stop with out resortting to buying her Vodka. Anyway, Rick says that when you dump Terry tonight can he ‘ave yer?

Uncle Dave

Dave has been snooping in others lives from an early age. Sticking his nose into others business and ensuring that his point of view is put across. This lead Uncle Dave to believe that he is experienced enough to write an agony uncle column.

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